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The Lido

For years I thought this storefront

was a conceptual art installation

a dusty grocery store that was never open

peering through the filmy windows, flaneurs saw

evenly spaced cans of anonymous food standing patiently

waiting for no one - meditating on hunger

For about a decade it has been a bar

a beloved watering hole, alternative music space

A gender fluid friend’s fav hangout lounge

It’s both darker and brighter now

crossed back over in to the land of the living

No longer a faintly lit abandoned movie set behind glass

This morning the old mystery story surfaces

It turns out The Lido was a time warp shrine

To the deprivations of World War Two: rusted past due food tins

hundreds of thousands of dollars hidden in the floorboards

The words of the Russian poet Tsvetaeva ring in my head:

“I have two enemies in all the world, Two twins, inseparably fused:

The hunger of the hungry and the fullness of the full.”

Pia Massie


Vancouver, BC, Canada

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