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Testimony (1995)

Location: Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta Canada     

Medium: tree, pressure sensitive floor, audio on midi keyboard

This project was a prototype created at the Banff residency "Telling Stories, Telling Tales" (1995). In collaboration with M. Simon Levin, "Testimony" used interviews Pia recorded in 1993 from front line activists involved in the Clayquot Sound blockades. 

A current work in progress "Time Travellers Testimony", is resurfacing these interviews and pairing up the original storytellers with a new generation of artists and activists. The original interviewees include: Bill Lightbown and Lavina White, Brian Salmi, Greg McDade, Harry Rankin, Kathy Ann March, Kelly White, Ken Wu, Merv Wilkinson, Olga Schwartzkopf and Tzeporah Berman. The new generation of artists and activists include: Amy Amatea, Chrystal Sparrow, Emily Kelsell, Hayl Zacks, Forrest Berman-Hatch,  Ladan Sahraei, Romi Kim, TJ Watt working with media artists, Jessica Gabriel and Reed Jackson.

(1998) Fury for the Sound - The Women at Clayoquot:

 See Time Travellers Testimony in Socially Engaged Art.

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