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Mattering Map Project (1996)

Location: The Grunt Gallery, Vancouver BC     Medium: Mixed Media- Photography, Diner top tables, Audio

The Mattering Map Project (MMP) created an installation for the local Mt. Pleasant community to explore and reflect on issues of gentrification and displacement. MMP provided point and shoot cameras encouraging the self-documentation of how the people in the diners saw their own spaces. Massie then selected one photograph from each diner to mount on diner table tops – some found / some created – to echo the aesthetic of these dying establishments.

More info on The Grunt Archive.

In 2019, Monica Reyes Gallery asked Pia to revisit the sites of the Mattering Map Project and this generated the Mattering Map Redux and Sessional Office

Andréa Monteiro's Film  "Pia Massie: A gatherer of stories and people"on Mattering Map Redux. 

​Mónica Reyes Gallery:

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