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Art Action Hub

ART ACTION HUB was a place and a gathering of people where: performances of poetry were held / signs and banners and buttons were made / talks and ideas flow / music is made / the media were welcome to drop by at any time to look at the work in the pop up gallery, have lunch, attend daily workshops and help us as we change the story and connect people in our mutual efforts to care for this gorgeous Earth.

In 2019 Pia Massie and Marta Robertson-Smyth were arrested for an art action at the Burnaby Mountain tank farm gates. In response to their sentencing of 100 hours of community service, they created the Art Action Hub with three ENGO's. The Art Action Hub was used for three weeks in September leading up to Greta Thunberg's arrival for the largest Climate Action Rally in Vancouver history. Massie and Robertson-Smyth far exceeded their community service hours and art brought the community together in creative resistance.

One of the many projects that were created at the Act Action Hub was Marta Robertson-Smyth "Sun's". She painted Sun Gods from different cultures around the world with the community. This was the last project before her passing in December of 2020. 


 here: (Hub is now inactive)

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