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Beloveds at the Blockade

This is the life your heart has been searching for Your courage ripples out like light waves far beyond what you will ever know

In these timeless moments

Follow through on every kindness Re-connect and sing into the ancestors' wounds as you tend to your day

Of building fires, gathering water and repairing sleeping dragons

Dial your ego down to zero And join the trees, the moss and the rain in the care and awe of our inseparability

Light the dark path within

Let go of any urgency Make all deliberations As gentle and as full of care as if each one were your final gesture

Breathe in this new awakening

This may feel like the last stand It is both the return and the beginning of who we are and who we will become

Sing, laugh and dance in the falling wet and cold

Breathe out the deep fire of compassion Whose sparks are circling the globe guide stars towards our shared future

Marnie Recker photo of Rainbow Eyes & friend

Pia Massie


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